The Author:
Shazia Latif is an elementary school teacher in Southern California.

Shazia loves doing yoga at the beach, taking long hikes, and spending time in nature. She loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Shazia keeps her eyes on the positive and beautiful parts of life and always remembers to smile! Learn more about Shazia below.

The Author

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When Naiya wakes up to her busy, loud surroundings, she decides to escape into nature! 

In this book, Naiya teaches you seven beginner yoga poses, to breathe and, most importantly, to smile!

The Illustrator: Palalee Puru, based in Bang Na, Thailand

Naiya in Nature Yoga Video! View it here!

Learn the seven yoga poses from the book by watching this video.

By: Stacy Woolley, Founder of Sprouting Yogis

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