Naiya in Nature: 
A Children's Guide to Yoga

"Naiya in Nature presents foundational yoga postures in sweet and simple language; both children and parents will enjoy breathing, smiling, and practicing essential yoga asanas together. This book would have quickly become my favorite as a child with its beautiful illustrations and serene message. Teachers, caregivers, and parents alike can use Naiya in Nature as a tool for children to explore body awareness while quieting the mind. Perfect for fostering clarity in the morning, calming children during the day, or preparing the body for deep, peaceful sleep, Naiya in Nature will greatly benefit children and their caregivers with its pure and grounding yoga sequence." 

Brittany Rosales, Core Power Yoga Instructor (RYT 200)

"Naiya in Nature is a sweet children’s book that introduces kids to yoga in a simple and utterly accessible way. Through a combination of storytelling and asana instruction, kids learn that yoga is fun, calming, and ultimately always puts a smile on your face. A great way to bring yoga into your young child’s life." 

Shana Meyerson, Founder of Mini Yogis Yoga for Kids

“Naiya in Nature is a perfect introduction to yoga for kids. The book has 7 beautifully illustrated poses that are easy to understand and flow naturally. The next time I need to calm my mind, I will remember Naiya, by taking a breath, and going to my favorite place." 

Stacey Woolley, Founder of Sprouting Yogis

"Naiya in Nature: A Children’s Guide to Yoga is a beautifully written book that will delight children of all ages.  The placement of words throughout the book actively engage the reader as they discover all the little messages.  The illustrations create a sense of wonder as children discover how Naiya’s yoga positions mimic nature. Naiya in NatureA Children's Guide to Yoga is a treasure of a book." 

Kimberly Futami, Elementary and Biling Professor, California State University Fullerton