About the Author:

Shazia Latif is an elementary school teacher in Southern California. She grew up in Rochester Hills, Michigan surrounded by a huge, funny family, close friends, and always lots of love. 

She earned her bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan and after getting married, she moved to California where she earned her teaching degree.

Shazia loves doing yoga at the beach, taking long hikes, and spending time in nature. She loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Shazia keeps her eyes on the positive and beautiful parts of life and always remembers to smile!

Shazia wants to encourage kids to 

exercise, breathe and smile! 

"While teaching, I noticed that a lot of my students had such a high anxiety level when it came to their schoolwork and I wanted to give them a natural way to feel calm. I decided to combine my loves of teaching and yoga.

I discovered the joy of yoga when I was in my 20’s and thinking back to my own childhood, I would have loved to get into it from an earlier age. I really believe in this project and would love to help students around the country reap the benefits to be found from yoga."

She noticed that her students are so stressed out about school/over scheduling and that’s why she came up with a non-medicinal alternative for her students. 

“They needed to get rid of their anxiety..this was a natural way to help them feel calm.”